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Catherine Andrews 15th January 2007 Inspiration

The work is based on inspirations and visions and the need to express these. It's in my blood, in my genes my molding, whatever. I feel like I'm being closer to who I really am, when I paint and create.

The best way for me to express what I see is to paint it. Obviously it cannot be photographed (like the Ascension, the Heaven of Angels. These paintings are pictures of the experiences I have had.
These visions are seen from an internal or external source, or a dream state. I do this to bring forth what I think is a valid message, a thing of beauty, or both.
I find expression in the facility that has been made most available to me, that is painting on canvas (to a degree, as paintings never portray the quality of the real thing). This way I am able to satiate my urge to express what I have seen.

Some of the paintings are symbolic as well as visionary. I may be expanding into other mediums like film, computer animation, sculpture.

The paintings are not just "pretty pictures"- most have a message, have a meaning, some have profound meaning, and most are affirmations to substantiate words.

Concerning the spiritual paintings: We've had thousands of years in writing of visions of Heaven, i.e. the Bible, describing such visions, but there hasn't been much visual backup. I feel this is one of my tasks.

I do sincerely believe in Romantic Love. My paintings about this are for people to enjoy for their relationships. They are meant as affirmations for those in love and those looking for love.

Within the paintings I have intended to have abstractions; there are hundreds of them within one painting.

You can take a small section, especially in the pictures like "Opening the Veil", "On the Pillows of Forms," "Diamond and Rose", Exhilaration", "Blue Rose" and you can see abstracts in form and color. You can build the combinations within those smaller areas of the painting to create the composition. Some paintings are compositions made up of abstractions.

With other paintings, when I paint, I don't always understand them. This doesn't limit me, I still proceed with them. Usually, I have a sense of excitement with the urge to express the vision. It can take years to see some of the symbolism and meanings within the paintings.

I have, through the years, been asked many times to explain my work. So I wrote text on the back of each card that I produced of the picture, something of the explanation, as best able.

I honestly can say that I have not painted to make money. I've had to make money to do painting.

When I'm painting and it's flowing, I feel more like I'm in the moment. I feel I'm coming home; this is where I really belong. I escape the traumas of the world, especially when painting expressions of Light. I do the work for myself, but I also have a great desire to share it. Especially if I believe it is of benefit and worth.

I live my paintings, when I paint them. That is, I live through the struggles, the technical difficulties, the frustrations, boredoms, the being determined, the failures, the disappointments, the perseverance, the aspirations to create beauty, the portraying of the meaning, and the feel of what you are trying to express, the triumphs, successes and the feelings of accomplishment.

Apart from the demands and time consumption of everyday life, I also have a critic in my head. It has a habit of popping up when I don't need it (I'm sure this is a problem with many of us). It says things like: "you can't do this, look at that - it's stupid, you're not an artist, you can't paint, you've lost whatever you've had, I'd give up struggling if I were you". I have learned to control the critic. And I have my secret method of controlling it. Entertain it with something else going on! Well, this gives you a good pointer, as to how to shut your inner critic up.

I don't know if learning a high degree of control with your craft acts as justification, but it may.


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