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About Catherine Andrews

BELGO APPRAISAL on Catherines Art





Catherine Andrews is a self-taught inspirational artist who started painting at the age of five and in oil on canvas at the age of eleven. These images are representative of many years of work and are archetypal images that act as insight into other realms.

From magazine and newspaper write-ups of her work, Ms. Andrews' paintings are described as "uplifting, brilliant, erotic and aesthetic." She reaches into the unseen realms and expresses these revelations in her works.

Her exquisite art work has been shown and highly praised in both Europe and America in over 40 exhibitions, including Brighton, Leeds, Binningham, Bristol, the London Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit, the Pasadena Convention Center, the Whole Life Expo, EZTV in Hollywood, the San Francisco Coliseum, etc. Catherine is well-known through her exhibitions and distribution of prints, cards and images, which have been published in magazines, books and on record album covers.

Catherine’s desire is to share these visions and affirmations with others and to put them into motion through special effects, live and animation sequences. "The visionary art of Catherine Andrews is widely known to lovers and romantics, who find her ethereal images and archetypal themes touch a deep place inside. These images portray the mystery of the "otherworldly" in powerful and haunting images. Her paintings draw from religious, spiritual and romantic themes, dipping into the archetypal --- in a way that transcends time and tradition.

In addition to being a visionary artist, Catherine Andrews also works in a variety of other mediums -- writing, composing music, and directing film and video. Her film work includes one of the first computer animated films ever made. Her most recent album, "Initiation," has been released on compact disc, and has been described as "neo-classical, exaltive and majestic." This impressive music composition has been played on such nationally syndicated radio programs as The Wave, Musical Starstreams, Hearts of Space, Echoes and Soundscapes.

Critics describe her work as:

"Extraordinary… a kind of 20th Century William Blake…"
--The Guardian, England
"Her art is exquisite, and the music is an equal match. "
--Lloyd Burde, Heart Beats, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

"Her style is original, but has been likened by some to the works of William Blake, and to the psychedelic movement of the late 60's. "
-- Michael Diamond, New Frontier

"A remarkable series of highly coloured, erotic, metaphysical paintings… Many critics describe her work as genuinely visionary, as well as superbly executed. Cards and posters derived from them sell in huge quantities…"
--Wilfred D'Ath, Event Magazine, England

“Mind and heart, image and feeling, merge into sensual mandalas alive with motion and magic."
--- Ecstasy Journal: Vol. II, No. 1


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